Saint Ivo - Self titled (2012)

I don't know anything about this band and didn't find anything except their LP on bandcamp (and not even in an LP form but in separate tracks freely downloadable). And what I knwo is that I totally fell in love with their style. Which one exactly. Imagine Murkrat playing the slow part of Acid Bath (with the voice of Dax Riggs) with a Type O Negative flavor you got something approaching the played style. The perfect music for the sonor background of some mediaeval horror film. Can't say why I appreciate so much something that may seem so simple and repetitive but I do. If someone can give some light about this band I would be grateful. Don't hesitate to dl it and I assure you won't be disappointed. A perfect gothic doom climax for those who love to swim in these muddy macabre waters. Enjoy it here. Listen below and then go to their bandcamp there.

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