Subrosa - No Help For The Mighty Ones (2010)

Sure that if I had listened to this LP last year it would have featured in my top 10 of 2011. Consisting in 3 females (2 on electric violin) and 2 males, this band from Salt Lake City proposes a splendid gothic rock avoiding all the usual kitsch "scories" that this style is often infected with. What is the most stunning is their ability to create songs that you remember, sort of classics of our times in a style where lazy repetition of ancient formulas is frequent. The atmosphere is dark but in a romantic way (romantic à-la Goethe and Freidrich) and the ambiance distillates a delicate sense of anguish with great crescendos (the final of "Dark Country") taking you off the ground for some celestian destinations. Violins are never invading the sonor space but sure adda lot. You can find a critic here, writing all this in a much better style than I can do with my poor English (even citing Joyce and where you can read that this "music doesn’t necessarily defy categorization, but it certainly discourages it", and that's fucking truth). This very long LP is so rich and complex in its structure that it'll take you quite a while to explore all it has to give. If you are in Dark Castle, Subarachnoïd Space, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, the Unthanks or Siouxsie & The Banshees, Daniele Dax or Curved Air (for the oldests), you will surely find here reasons to be excited. So try it here and then support them in buying this wonderful album here.

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