Emily Wells - Passenger / Let Your Guard Down 7" (2012)

A re-up cos' Emily Wells (seen this evening in concert at Paris, only 40 min but great as I expected it) releases her Mama LP in Europe on last monday. It is backed with an acoustic version of the album on a second CD. Of course it seems to me impossible not to buy it for anybody with a seeming musical awareness (I even bought it again with the acoustic LP tonight and she dedkated it to me, I'm returning to my teen-fan attitude it's ridiculous I know but I don't care) but after all, so many bad music is popular, it is maybe too much to ask that great music be still appreciated. For me Emily Wells is one of the most talented and moving artist of this last decade and she can rivalizes with all the previously great artists she could sometimes be compared to (what I did in my first post I remember). I hope she'll go on in this tight and rigorous approach of music. As I tried to tell her in my poor English, the way she shows the skeleton of her songs, the work-in-progress, is participating to the beauty of her songs and the emotion of the listener. I even compared her to the Eiffel Tower, a monument in which the metallic structure is part of the grandeur and splendour. Yes I know I must be a little psycho to do such comparison but she seemed to take it as a compliment so that the point. Below, what I wrote in the initial post (I don't read it again to preclude being tempted to modify or remove it) exactly one year ago.

I'm really in love with the last Emily Wells LP called Mama. I don't really dig her previous works (the last LP was released in 2008 I think) but this later one is totally thrilling, stunning, moving. And among the 10 songs, "Passenger", the first single will be without a doubt one of my fave song of the year. I don't stop listening to it and each time I shiver like a young teenager although I'm not one for a long long time now (but in my inner self, I can't really say I'm feeling so far from my teen years). Somewhere between Bolan, Kate Bush and Danielle Dax (personal choice of influences, maybe I'm wrong but I hear them in her), but with a lo-fi and experimental approaches that none of these brilliant masters adopted, she shows that all the female singer-songwriters are not naive muppets playing the romantic, evanescent and sexy (and silly) creatures. She would deserve to have the same success than Lana Del Rey (and I rather appreciate Miss Rey) but sure she doesn't fit in the mainstream instrumental codes to reach such a notoriety. I post this single (with a do-it-myself cover sleeve taken from the first picture of her clip), only a virtual one I think, to which I added a B-side with one of the other highlights of her LP, the wonderful "Let Your Guard Down". If you don't fall for these, it's quite desperating. Hope I won't be forced to remove the link. I'm sure that I help her in posting  this  but I know many don't agree. Catch it here. And then buy the album there (or anywhere you want).


françoise grave said...

Excellent. Une découverte, votre blog .Moi aussi, je revis l'époque de mes teen years!

dkelvin said...

Merci pour le compliment. Oui, c'est étrange ce sentiment de césure entre son ressenti et son état civil.