Kim Fowley & Snow Mercy - Live In Overdrive (2012)

Another album from 2012. It seems a joke but it's not. Anyway, this is not a real album but a stage capture. Not a seminal one but anything from Kim Fowley is of interest. This is is requested and I'm glad it has been since I had forgotten to do it. So here it is.

Recorded on the stage of the Skinnys Noho on April 3rd 2012, it was said that "the audience beheld a "Giant Baby Doll" version of Bettie Page interacting with a "Nuclear Frankenstein" backed by a surf garage band version of The Doors featuring Mike Wolf, Cosmo Topper & Steve Darrow". Actually, it seems pure impro based on "Gloria"'s and "Wild Thing"'s riffs played approximately and on which, during never more than 1 min 1/2, Kim and his "dame" talk about naughty things. Not one of the best thing to hear at home that has been done by the great man but after all, the important is to participate. It's short and simple and shows the man has decided to fill the year with (virtual) albums. He can go on, I love it. Hope an LP with jfg (he played last month with him in Bordeaux and in Nantes, you can listen to his solo and band stuff here) will be released this year, sure it would be one of 2012's highlight. Meanwhile, listen to this piece of experimental 60's garage by mister Kim and miss Mercy. And then, as usual, go to buy it here or there. Kim needs it. You would be naughty not to do it (except if you don't have the money for).


musicyoucan said...

To complete all you re-uploaded on Kim Fowley's stuff, can you re-up this one ?
Many Thanks

Anonymous said...

I'd also love a re-up if possible!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this; it's nice to hear, though I wish it had more Fowley and less Snow Mercy...

dkelvin said...

ahaha yes it's true that sometimes we call for mercy when she's taking the mike