Law of the Tongue - s/t (2012)

Is there a special climate in Australia that make sludge bands the best of the world these days? I dunno but after Iron Worzel here's another one (from Canberra). Rather different, much more Black Sabbath-influenced, but the voice is guttural as could be a real bear singing. Once again, Acid Bath is floating around like a sonor ghost. Another reference is Yob, but since they are more than ever Sabbath sons, the circle is closed. It's full of Iommi's riffs but tightly stuck and sent in our face like a gun its bullet. Never boring although a little bit repetitive on the lenght, it's a fantastic piece of metal shit you can't miss if you want to say that you've heard the best of the year. Strange as it is never really heavy in the bad meaning of the term. There's something dancing in the way they play it. A band to follow, encourage and support. You can dl freely their LP here or if you want there.

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