Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance - Roll On Babe / Anymore for anymore (1974)

Some months after the half-succesful "The Poacher", another single is issued from the album Anymore for Anymore, and this one will fail miserably, signing the end of the Pandora's box in which hope is kept deep inside. Sad since once again it's a delicious couple of songs. "Roll on Babe" was written and sung by an American folk singer called Derrold Adams (in the 60's) and was covered some years ago by a band called Vetiver (apparently pals of Devendra Banhart) in a version that honestly is nothing else than a pure (and boring) plagiarism of the Ronnie Lane version. The B-side is (strangely) the song title of the eponymous album and a very good one too. Of course, it's mainly a George-Harrison-goes-accoustic approach of music but who cares if it's played and sung with such elegance, emotion and beauty. Enjoy it here.

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