Ronnie Lane - What Went Wrong (That Night With You) / Lovely 7" (1975)

This 4th single didn't do better than the previous one in the charts. Strangely, both songs (the B-side is called "Lovely") are not on the LP that was released in the same period (and called Slim Chance), showing that Ronnie was not short of ideas when it came to songwriting. Both are really good and it's a shame nobody seemed to notice at the time. Both are of course very influenced by Georges Harrison but Ronnie Lane's personnality was now quite enough installed to be a style in his own. Although the name of the band was the same, the crew was totally different with Steve Simpson on guitar, mandolin, violin, keyboards, harmonica, Ruan O'Lochlainn on organ, piano, saxophone, Charlie Hart on violin, keyboards, piano, accordion, Brian Belshaw on bass, Glen LeFleur on drums and Jim Frank on drums (but it is written Colin Davey and Steve Simpson on the Ain't No One Like Ronnie Lane compilation for the credits of this session so I'm not sure). The important is that these songs on this underrated and forgotten single can be listened to 35 years later with the same pleasure. Since there was no cover sleeve, I did one the best I could. Enjoy it here.

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billy said...

i saw ronnie and band in 75 at the local poly and was totally blown away-had not been expecting anything so good,i had to ask my friend what the slow song with the stop start in it was and he told me debris - it was finished off with ooh lala and the can-can dancer coming on doing her thing-my all time fave gig