Aquanaut - Sunken Ark (2012)

Yesterday evening, desperately searching for something new to provide this thrill that can save a shitty day, I was on the edge to let it go, so many new releases sounding flat and uninspired to my ears, when the eponymous track of this album made me realise the quest had not been in vain. This was THE thing that would save my day, and surely more than one day. Not everybody's taste I must say, you must love this kind of psychedelic noise Skullflower had been the masters of (think Orange Canyon Mind, my fave from them, sometimes they sound as Terminal Cheesecake for the XXIst century, but there's much more in Aquanaut, a band from Vancouver (honestly, Canadians are among the most inovative in extreme music these years). What's fascinating in this band is that they are one of the rares that could be loved by old Krautrock fans and pure psyche-noise ones. Their riffs are heavy but the general atmosphere takes you in space. You must be ready for the extreme to get into it but if you are, you won't be deceived. The kind of album a Julian Cope could take as album of the month without any hesitation. Enjoy it here and support them there in buying their stuff any format you want.

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