Iron Hills - Famine (2012)

Let's go back to the real shit: sludge funeral doom at its best with this band from Saint Louis that offers us a sort of epitome of the genre, a new milestone in the road travelled to nowhere but death that this musical style digs for us for the last 23 years. In 3 tracks they mark their path in this muddy earth we love to bath our ears in. The style of music you don't only listen to when you're in violent mood but almost anytime life becomes a little too heavy to support without some sonor equivalent to exorcise your suicidal inclinations. These young guys succeed in creating this. Of course they borrow their style to the "grand ancients" but they do their own stuff with singularity and, at least to my non-perfect knowledge, do not copy anyone. Strongly recommended (you know I never recommend anything that would be mediocre or only half-good). Tense and intense, Iron Hills are there to stay. Unjoy here. And then support and buy on their bandcamp there, so that they can release any solid version. PS. It's their second EP. First one is in free dl on bandcamp too.

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