Let's go again

After a night and a day of intense cogitation, I decided to go again (or, as my skull says, to try) even it the loss of all my mf links (one year of uploading) means hours and hours wasted (to upload once and to have to reupload) and isn't easy to swallow (translation of a French expression, don't know if it means something in English). I will however procede to several changes. First, I won't post doom, sludge or anything newly released anymore. I was wondering whether it was still possible to argument that I provided free links here when (sometimes) bands offered their music free on their bandcamp, allowing to donate for support. I thought it became difficult to argue and this event convinced me to stop with it. There are plenty of blogs devoted to doom, sludge, black metal and stoner on the web and you won't have difficulties to find freely dl stuff on them if you absolutely want it. I think I'll may reactive my other blog, called Dim Damn Doom (here) for signaling bands of these styles I like and provide links to their bandcamp. So, Forgotten Songs will focus on old stuff never reissued, or deleted, or expensive, or spread on cheap compilations, or added as bonus tracks to make you buy for the 3rd time an album in CD. I will be cautious to avoid bands on the big corporates, quick to proceed to legal actions and kill in the egg the ugly pirate I am to their eyes (even if they let gems rotten in their archives). All this is not a guarantee I will succeed to go on long but I'll do it, at least for all the rarities I posted and that you can find nowhere else (at least to my knowledge, think about "No Complaint Department" from SAHB, Parfum de Nuit from Alain Kan, the second LP from Jean Claude Vannier, single versions of Melanie songs, never re-issued B-sides from Steve Harley or Golden Earring, the first single by Family, and more recently the lost LP from Alternative TV Dragon Love, it would be a shame to lose it all when I'm still alive to keep it available (and if suddenly I don't give any sign here, be sure that the reason is I died). So, enough words, tomorrow something will be posted. Since I alternated doom/sludge and oldies, I was able to post with 1 to 2 days frequency, but with only old stuff (and the work it demands to make a correct post), I'll surely post less often.


Anonymous said...

Glad you've decided to soldier on! I've found quite a few pieces that I have on vinyl but really wanted digital copies (without spending a small fortune to get yet another copy!), so thanks for that. One thing that I missed was the SAHB single "Big Louie" with the non-LP flip, "The Harp." Just tried the D/L and Rapidshare said that the file was unavailable. Any chance of a re-up? Thanks again and keep up the good work!

dkelvin said...

Yes, true, link broken. I reupload.

Anonymous said...

You are a man among men! Thank you!

Zen said...

These are trying times for culture sharing, but that just mean's we're ahead of the curve. Fight the good fight, mate.