Mediafire (and At A Loss) Killed Me

My mediafire account has been locked. I can't have (and neither you can't) have access anymore to my account. They decided to remove my files and preclude me the access after a complaint by At A Loss records that I violated their property rights in posting the last album of The Body (here). If they don't understand that blogs like this one contribute to make their bands known and not to rob them, they can go to hell, their little shitty mind is not better than the mainstream labels they surely despise. For me it's over. It was a large amount of work and to see all this erased in a minute is enough for me.  I'll stick to Scoptophilia (here) until someone ask me to remove all his pictures. When the web will be just a large virtual commercial center they willbe happy at last. And the supposed alternatives like At A Loss are not different. Sure I'll be cautious not to listen to a record by this label anymore. Bye to everyone and most specifically to those who were kind enough to leave some words in the comments. It was for them I had the courage each evening to take the time to make covers, write some poorly formulated words, upload files, and find appropriate pictures and videos. PS. I will keep my rs account open and try to upload old stuff I uploaded on mediafire on it. It's too sad that rare stuff hard or expensive to find should be lost or prohibitive to get.


Algabal said...

I have learned so much and acquired a lot a lot of great music from your blog. It is you who taught me about Alain Kan, about Christophe, about rare recordings by Steve Harley, etc. I will treasure these things for a long time! Nothing was in vain :)

reservatory said...

Very sorry you've been taken out. As I said (last week?), my Alternative TV obsession has been well served by your archaeological digging. THANKS.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great treats, opened my ears to a lot of music I would never have discovered. Much luck to you and yours in the future.