Melanie - Seeds / Some Say (I Got Devil) 7" (1973)

Second re-up following the CD edition of the 1972-75 era albums released by Melanie. Here's a version of "Seeds" with a high quality sounding. So, even if you had dl the previous one, it's useful to catch this new one here (or to buy the album of course).

Strange single this one. Let's hear the story (as I know it). In June 1973, 4 months after the half-successful "Bitter Bad" single, Melanie releases "Seeds", a new song, wrongly announced on the label part as a song from a forthcoming album (the next one will be Madrugada in 1974 and the song won't be on it). The single is released in 2 versions, one with a shortened (they said "edited") version of "Seeds" on side 1 and a long (they said "complete") version on side 2, and one with the short version on side 1 and with the fantastic "Some Say (I Got Devil)", from the album Gather Me (thus, strangely not from the previous album). This apparition of a Gather Me song on side 2 was maybe linked to the presence of a poem called "Gather Me" in the long version of "Seeds" (I'm not sure I didn't lose some of you by now). The result of all this is that the single won't do anything in the charts anywhere. It's actually not one of Melanie's best, and is rather discrepant with what she was trying to build with Stoneground Words. Not a bad one either. Rather gospel-inclined in the line of some of her previous hits, with a text that, as "Brand New Key", is full of sexual tongue-in-cheek insinuations "You can plant your seeds in my garden / Any ol' time you want / You can bake your bread in my oven" (!!!). Don't forget that she'll spend the current years becoming a mother 3 times, surely what these lyrics are about. I must say that I was desperately searching for this song (not on any compilation to my knowledge) and I thank a lot "Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika" for this MP3 gift. I found a good definition Portuguese cover sleeve on a ebay sell page so I used it.


Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika said...

Hey Didier, great to see you made another "release". I could follow your post without problems, no worries about getting lost!

It made perfect sense what you wrote, and yes, of course the poem with "Gather Me" in the middle of the song must (in a way) be the connection. I don't know that for sure, I am only speculating, just like anyone else.

Fans might be interested in the NEW VERSION of "Seeds", it is a re-recording (2011) and is now called "Horny Organic Farmer Lady Shuffle".

It is track 13 on the third CD edition of the current "new" album (Ever since), which is being sold at the table by Melanie herself after each show.

You can also mail order the CD from her website here:


or buy the download here:


Since this is a new product currently creating Melanie's income, I am suggesting to those interested to buy this album (or single tracks from it), instead of downloading it free.

She actually played that song in concert 2 months ago, and I thought I had a hallucination, lol... (I mean, I just couldn't believe that she really did that).

dkelvin said...

Of course I usually preclude posting free anything recent that may deprive the artist of some important money sources.It's sometimes a dilemna between robbing the artist or allowing visitors to test the music by themselves some days on their computer or ipod and hoping they then will buy the solid support or even the MP3 if they want to support the artist (but if they don't have the money for, they don't have to be deprived of the music. But for Melanie, there is enough stuff on this blog to test and the aim is to make easily available stuff that is not.

Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika said...

Exactly, that is what I think also. Material from 40 years ago (or even older) should be free to everybody, because no artist is still getting anything from that (only big corporations do).

But the last 2 albums (or so, I mean anything recent) is an artist's bread and butter, especially nowadays, where many artists have no record contracts with big companies anymore, and they must travel from gig to gig and sell their merchandise to the audience.

I have no shame combing the Internet for old LPs from 1950-70s, but if I want an artist's new album of today, I am paying for it.

I like how you make these new covers, that is really great! Not just this one, I mean in general, also the others that I have seen here on your blog.

dkelvin said...

Thx German Witch. It's true that Melanie was not well deserved with cover sleeves in the numerous compilations that were released during a career (and lately, the ones from the reissues of her albums done by the Swiss Co Carinco are nothing less than ugly. I just want to show that it's not so difficult to respect the artist and provide a decent case to her jewels.
For new material, some new artists or bands are rather inclined to provide it free for gaining some notoriety (they send me messages confirming this view). So, the situation has to be considered individually.

Mateo San Diego said...

I think both of you are just the bees knees. I appreciated your sharing of this music so much, I can't even tell you. This song, in particular, wow! The fact that it ends with "Gather me, gather me" just sends chills for any big Melanie fan for whom the coupling of those words carries extra weight. As for the dilemma regarding posting music for free - let me tell you, I have bought so many Melanie albums, CDs and compilations so many times over (I own about 4 or 5 copies of Stoneground just for multiple copies of the fold out poster, as well as my share of The Good Book - with and without said book) that I think it qualifies me for this dream to at last have a few rare gems here and there. Tee hee!

Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika said...

Matteo, absolutely, that's how I feel as well. We have been buying the same stuff through the decades, so if there is a mere upgrade, I am not paying for that either. Sorry for the late reply, I see your post only now.

Didier, haha, great that you found such a good quality version! So much better than my old one, which was in [128]. Well, at the time I was glad to get it at all, but the new version sounds really better, so I am grabbing it. With new version I mean of course the new better quality of the old version of the song. The new (2011) recording of the song should be bought from Melanie, I am still of that opinion.