Melanie - Will You Love Me Tomorrow / Here I Am 7" (1973)

Third re-up of Melanie singles from the 1972-75 era, limiting the series to the ones with non-album tracks on them, or at least, tracks that were not on the US or the UK version of the album. Here it's this Goffin-King cover (bad idea as would be all the early sixties pop covers she'll do), issued in November 1973, that would be on the UK version of the album but not on the US one (at least most of them, my 2 US samples have "I Am Being Guided" on it (a much better song) and not "Will You Love Me Tomorrow"). Strangely, on the single sleeve, there's a text announcing a soon to be released album called Autumn Lady, but the next album would only be released in May 1974 and called Madrugada. "Autumn Lady" would be a song on the further one (on As I See It Now, released in February 1975). But this single was the opportunity to discover what a great cabaret jazz singer was Melanie, "Here I Am" (from Stoneground Words) being on the B-side. Of course, I took the high-quality sounding versions of the new CD reedition to pack the file so that you should dl this version if you had dl the previous one. Catch it here. PS. The streaming version below is not the high-quality one you have in the file but the previous vinyl-ripped one.

This strange idea of covering this rather bubblegum song written by the Goffin-King (yes Carole) duet and a hit by the Chiffons in 1962 (but sung beforehand in 1960 by the Shirelles) was finally a good one, at least commercially speaking cos' it put Melanie back in the UK and US charts in November 1973. Not at a high level (37th and 82th, respectively) but at least in public view again. After "Bitter Bad"'s moderate success and "Seeds"'s failure, it was a way not to leave 1973 on a too bad feeling. Musically speaking, it's another story, Melanie being not (for me, but others may not share my views) the good person to sing such a repertoire. And she doesn't succeed to bring this song in her universe and to make it hers. Since I never found on compilation another version than the later re-recorded one, I ripped it from my single so the sound is not perfect but not so bad. On the B-side, there's one of the finest songs of Stoneground Words, the cabaret-stylished "Here I Am", a splendor that would deserve this single on its own merit.

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