Nikki Sudden with the Chamber Strings - Live at WFMU (1998)

One of the biggest anomaly of this blog, for those who know me (not many actually) is the absence (except one post) of Nikki Sudden in it. I can assure that if this blog goes on still a little bit of time, it will feature several Sudden forgotten songs. But I was not too much in my old time hero lately. However I would like to begin with this excellent "live in the radio" show with Nikki Sudden backed by the Chamber Strings, the band led by Kevin Junior (in rather bad health and who needs help these days). This collaboration will result in the Red Brocade album the year after. But this 5 song load is a must-have for those who loved the Groove period. The set consists mainly of songs from the Red Brocade album. Although he was no more the inspired artist we all cherished in the eighties, Nikki Sudden died too soon and left a wide gap in rock music. This live testimony can be found free dl on the radio site here but you can enjoy on the form of a short LP gathering only the Nikki songs (with a did-it-myself cover from the one provided by the radio) here. Below a picture of Kevin Junior and Nikki Sudden at the times (I suppose).

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ludo said...

I don't want to bother you, but is that possible to fix the links for all the post about Nikki Sudden? All links are dead, indeed Rapidshare is closed now. There are a lot of very rare and precious stuff on your blog especially about Nikki, thank you so much...