Rotting Hills - Belgrave (2012)

It's only a track, but it's so good I can't wait to post it. It's the sludge at its best. Old style one. If you're into Sleep and Autopsy of the 90's, you'll find her something to kill your shitty evenings as I kill this one tonight. They are from Vancouver and it seems this track is from their future LP. I wait for it with impatience. This band will surely contribute to make my year a little less worse than it was expected to. One of the best track of the year so far. 10 min of monstruous genius. Washes our ears from all the filfth crawling in. The drumming (sound and style) is fucking awesome and the way they carry you on their sound carpet is stunning.You can dl it freely on their bandcamp here or enjoy it there. You must hear too their previous opus, almost as good (but in a more Dopesmoker style) that I can't find in any dl version but that you can hear here.

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