Roy Wood - Forever / Music to commit suicide by 7" (1973)

Here's the first of a Roy Wood series consisting in singles featuring a non-album B-side (or A-side of course). This one follows 2 singles driven from the sublime Boulders, an album released in 1972 but actually recorded in 1970 but postpone not to compete with the Move material. So, "Forever" was clearly a new recorded song. It must be remembered that 1973 is an incredible year for Roy Wood. Listen. He had 4 "Top 10" songs in the charts, among them 2 n°1 hits. And in November, when this single is released under the Roy Wood name, he released with Wizzard his mega-hit "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday". These 2 singles will enter the Top 10 too, "Forever" reaching n°8, "Christmas" n°4. Few others did better. Musically, "Forever" begins a Beach Boys obsession that will go on for years, but with a Glam-Spector sound that will be the Wood's trademark for the next 2 years. On the B-side, the first of a series of weird intrumentals, "exercice de style" that he will keep for single flipsides. This is one of the best of them. Nothing really to make us commit a suicide by, but a truly delicated and atmospheric track showing all the virtuosity of this bearded master cut with some circus music played classical in the Shostakovitch style. Enjoy it here. PS. I did a cover sleeve since there was none in UK and the ones I found are rather poor. As you can see below, when Roy Wood played his song on TOTP, he was not grimed as he was with Wizzard.


Fred said...

Hi. Any way you could re-up this one and also the Roy Wood Goin' Down the Road single? It would be much appreciated. Love your blog. Thanks in advance.

dkelvin said...

Oh yes good idea to re-up the Roy Wood singles. Not in the next few days since I'm on a Buzzcocks series by now but during the summer I promise to re-up all the Roy Wood stuff including this one of course.