Roy Wood - Mustard (1975)

Last Roy Wood LP re-up for today with Boulders follow-up. Not so good but a great one anyway. More below about it. Catch it here.

Two things. First, I hate mustard. Second, I love Mustard. I hate (and never ate) the food but love the album sharing the same name. Unfortunately, we were not so many at the times since this album is the Wood's swansong (swanalbum should we say), cos' it was the end of a non-stop presence in the charts (in solo or with Wizzard after a presence with the Move and ELO) and the first failure of a non-stopping one until today. Not really surprising after all when listening to this album. How could a wide audience ingest and digest such a strange sonor pudding (more than mustard, this could have been the name of it). In the same cooking you got girl-groups of the fifties (Chordettes style) mixed with the Beach Boys (all the album is under the strong influence of Brian Wilson, not far from plagiarism here and there) mixed with the Led Zeppelin drumbeat, rock 'n' roll of the late fifties and Lully. It was quite impossible that the whole succeeds to make any impact in the year soul and funk were gangrening UK rock (and the cover sleeve was we must admit, rather awful). Sad cos' now, it's quite obvious that this is a great album. Not perfect, sometimes totally out of control and out of good taste, but the sort we like we, like me, we like weirdoes using music to propose something else (as was the name of a Move EP). Sad cos' "Looking Thru The Eyes Of A Fool", released in single, would have deserved to be a hit. And because "The Song" is a hell of romantic and tear-extracting song. On it, you can hear the then (or future) Roy girlfriend, Annie Haslam, yes the Renaissance singer, and Phil Everly. Roy Wood plays almost everything on it as he use to do on his solo stuff. I was not in the idea to post this album previously because I thought it was quite easy and unexpensive to get it, but a visitor called KDNYfm told me it was actually expensive and difficult (I checked it and it's true) so here it is, not letting this gem drown in oblivion.


KDNYfm said...

A thousand thanks for this!
Appreciate your responsivness!

Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika said...

Great album, I have that too. But just like you, I only have the original issue with the 9 tracks. I am reading on wikki that there was a reissue in 2000 with several Bonus tracks. I have missed that.

Bonus Tracks (2000 Reissue)

"Oh What A Shame"
"Bengal Jig"
"Rattlesnake Roll"
"Can't Help My Feelings"
"Indiana Rainbow"
"The Thing Is This (This Is The Thing)"

There is one album of The Move that I am still looking for: "Look on" from 1970.

I found it once posted, but before I could get it, it had already been deleted, and I haven't seen it since. Can you help?

Thanks for the nice scans, they are so much better than those I had before.

dkelvin said...

I don't have this reissue but I think these songs can be found on various compilations. I'll check those I got and will post them later on.

Anonymous said...

I bought this album out of the cutout bin in 1976, and I was used enough to Roy Wood's bizarre moves over the years to like it immediately. This album is tongue-in-cheek from beginning to end (including the worst drum solo ever recorded) and great fun for everyone who knows a bit about rock'n'roll history.
It would be a great task to sort out the Roy Wood/Wizzard/Wizzo singles, which - to be frank - not in every case are worth the effort....

dkelvin said...

Such compilations exist for Wizzard and Roy Wood/Wizzo. I'll post singles with non album tracks later on I think

Deiter said...

Thanks for posting. I was a big fan of The Move and Boulders but never heard this. While it's interesting, and Wood is no doubt a genius (his time with the move proved that), this record for all of its Sgt Pepper and Beach Boys thievery tends to sound a mite too muc like The Rutles – without the humor. Still, a curious document from an illustrious career.

I enjoy your blog.

KDNYfm said...

Hey DKelvin...
In respect of all the Woody you provided me, I should send you a link for Roy Wood's Starting Up file I copied from my CD.
Send me an email, and I will forward!
I'd rather not post it here!

Robert said...

As a fan of The Move, thanks for uploading this album.