Roy Wood - Oh What A Shame - Bengal Jig 7" (1975)

Although 1975 seemed another high for Roy Wood, this single (released in May) would be his commercial swansong. Although  it would reach n°13, it would be the only chart enter Wood would have over the whole year and more dramatically, until today. For a man placing 4 singles and one album in the charts the year before, it was a rude stop. Totally under the influence of the Beach Boys (as most of his work between 1973 and 1975), "Oh What A Shame" is a clever but rather conventional Wizzard-like tune, no real reason to have released it under his own name (except it was to be on his Mustard album). The B-side was the 3rd of these intrumentals mixing various apparently unlikely consistent styles, here again indian music (via the sitar) and scottish/irish folklore (a jig). Not seminal but for those who want to gather all Wood's work a curiosity. Enjoy it here. PS. The cover sleeve was very ugly but Roy Wood seemed to affectionate his drawing as illustrations for his records.

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Anonymous said...

I knew I missed one!
"Oh What A Shame" is not on the original "Mustard" album, at least not on my German copy.

Thank you for posting.