Uzala - s/t (2012)

Has doom found its Grace Slick(Jefferson Airplane singer for the youngest or most ignorant among you)? It is likely when listening to the voice of Darcy Nutt raising from your grave oops... your speakers. But this is not the only thing great about this band (is the name from the Kurosawa film? Don't know) since almost everything is great in it. It's doom as I love. Atmospheric but never arty, rough but melodic, traditional but never repeating an old and used formula, inclined toward religious incantation but pagan and down-to-earth, sad as the death of someone you affectionate but peaceful as your own death. The kind of music you can drown in, the one I'm digging as one day I'll dig my own grave oops... here we go again. Not a weak track, a sparkling version of the classic "Gloomy Sunday", this band from Portland adds its force to the batallions of the doom army that help us to survive through this uninteresting and bleak existence. Without any hesitation will be in my Top 10 of the year, at least in the doom category (and maybe all categories, it will depend on the releases of the next 7 months, times are quite luxious in great albums). Enjoy it here but you must support them the best you can in going to their shows and buying their stuff. It's not an advice, it's an order. Their bandcamp here.

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Comme souvent, merci beaucoup pour la dkouverte!