Alternative TV - Live At Gardens Free Festival (1978)

Third Alternative TV re-up for tonight. Once again a testimony of their (in)famous 78 summer tour, but this time when they had fired their drummer, so it's much more experimental. Catch it here.

Here we find Mark Perry at a turning point. During the summer of 1978, he transforms his punk outfit into a complete experimental one. Between the beginning and the end of the tour, the music will profoundly change (just compare to the Southend show here to verify). Chris Bennett, the drummer, will be sacked (at least this is what is written on the various sources but only him and Mark Perry could say how it happened) and the one taking the kit is only a suppletive and has not much to do since the band will play a rather non rhythmic stuff, primary a vehicle for Mark Perry talking-singing. The set was recorded by an Italian journalist called Red Ronnie and has been remastered for the Live 1978 reissue of 2003 from which this fake LP is taken. A crucial testimony for Mark Perry fans like me, showing how he really throw everything relative to punk culture during this summer. Of course it's not easy listening and some may even find it is absolutely indulgent nonsensic shit. I don't.


Anonymous said...

could you re-up this? thanks

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all these uploads! I was able to get introduced to a lot of really great music through your blog. However the link to this one is dead already....

Encore une fois un grand merci pour tout ce que tu partages!

dkelvin said...

Ah oui tiens bizarre. Je le remets ce soir.
Merci pour le compliment