Alternative TV - Unlikely Star / Stockhausen in Space 7" (1999)

Alternative TV fans (are they but me?) won't find their usual sonor taste in this opportunist single (requested by a Leicester label) since it's more Mark Perry playing with samplers and lo-fi electronics than anything else (he said it could have been a git for Denim in Japan, not impossible), but after all the B-side (experimental bzzing) is rare and that's the important for completists ("Unlikely Star" was the first song on Punk Life). There won't be many more in the near future and the Mark Perry activity will be more and more a retrospective and punk-nostalgic one unfortunately. I would prefer he released this kind of insignifiant songs that old passeist covers of his ancient glory times. Enjoy it here.


reservatory said...

Thank you thank you. And you're not the only ATV fan floating around this universe. There are at least 5.

ROOKSBY said...

Make that 6! :)

Is there any chance you could re-up this single at some point, I've never heard those B-sides before, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!