John Cale - Carribean Sunset (1984)

A welcome re-up (after request) of this under-rated John Cale album. The more I listen to it, the more I like it actually, and f... off the sometimes awful 80's instrumentation. Incidentally, it was the most dl album posted on this blog since its creation, surely because I don't think there is any numeric version. Catch it here.

No, Carribean Sunset is not a bad album, and even if 1984 was not the best period for sound, instrumentation and production (actually it was not far to be the worst in whole rock history), this album overcomes this trash barrier and succeeds in contaminating our today's ears. This due to the conviction of John Cale and the whole energy that emerges from this collection of songs. Lyrics are rather paranoiac, dealing with some obscure plotting forces everywhere in the world (we travel a lot in this album). Claustrophobic too. John Cale is here the visceral singer he was often in his middle age. Never reissued in CD, this vinyl rip is not mine (I don't have the LP) and could have been better but it's good enough to appreciate this album full of weird moments (such as in "Experiment Number 1" where he seems to drive his band in direct on the mike, with lyrics like "She talks too much to know much about anything / Christmas comes, like breakfast, but once a year / She does, seems just tired of living / Like a wall broke around her spell). And "Carribean Sunset" is a great song. A welcome add in your Cale collection. Enjoy it.


Zen said...

Really enjoying this one. Thanks for the reup!

Cachao said...

Thanks a lot for your great blog!
Would be great, if you could re-up this and maybe Cale's Live at the Lyceum, Peel Sessions & Guts too?
Really rarities!