Kim Fowley & Snow Mercy (featuring JFG) - The Madhouse Tour Live In Nantes (2012)

And to finish this series (but there are others to be re-up soon), this testimony of the tour Kim Fowley did in Europe, and more specifically in France, during spring 2012. Here he was backed by jfg (you can listen lot of stuff from him on this blog here) and some others. Largely based on impro, it was a sort of rock-in-progress concert. I doubt that many were aware in the audience to have such a legend in front of them. I wish jfg had made a studio album (in the vein of the ones he did with Ben Vaughn or Francis McDonald). There was a project, but nothing happened. And nothing will now. Catch this chaotic but jubilatory set here.

Gather round girls and boys, I've got a sonor candy for you, an untasted one, the experi/mental and physical stage experience of Kim Fowley during the recent European Madhouse tour, during which he more or less improvized with bands found where he played, some stage happenings, scenic work in progress alternatively sublime and awful, and sometimes simultaneously sublime and awful. The Paris concert was great. I was there, I can attest. The Nantes concert seems to have been rather different (more Velvet-like) but great too, the proof here with this live recording featuring some (but not all) songs (but "songs" is maybe not the correct word). It must be said that Mr Fowley had the chance to be backed by JFG (you can find stuff from him on this blog here, go, you won't regret it) and his all-girl band in which Julie on accordion, Lea on violin and Cecile on drums digged the perfect garden of notes for our soon-to-die-but-not-yet Hollywood hero. Sorry not to mention the 2 other guys, I was not able to determine who they were except that they were from Nantes. Maybe they will add a comment at the bottom of this post. Here are 8 tracks from the evening. So, enjoy this piece of history, it's nowhere else available.

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Ansina said...

Thanks for all the Fowley - I loved International Heroes in its time, but Forgotten Songs made me see there was much more.