Kimberley Rew - Stomping All Over The World / Nothing's Going To Change In Your Life / Fighting Someone's War 7" (1980)

I'm beginning a Robyn Hitchcock period but strangely, my first post is for another Soft Boy, Kimberley Rew, the second guitarist, and for his first solo single, recorded and released during his Soft Boys days, in which he seems the perfect English version of the great Mitch Easter (Let's Active). On this single, we find this candy and jumping pop song I was so fond of at the times and that I can still appreciate, particularily when I'm down, a sort of antidote to my despair. But this single worths mainly for the fantastic "Fighting Someone's War" on the B-side. Another affair, much darker and rather emotional. Produced by Pat Collier and recorded at Alaska, it has everything Soft Boys lovers appreciate in this era of their heroes. Enjoy this 3-song gem here.


Anonymous said...

super great stuff! i remember playing the compilation LP of this and other Rew songs "The Bible of Bop' which is awesome as well.....thanks for a great blog! jim, boston, usa

Anonymous said...

link is dead. please reupload. thanks!