Robyn Hitchcock - The Goodnight Oslo fake 7" (2011)

Since "Goodnight Oslo" is one of the best song of the first decade of this century and one of the true masterpiece of Robyn Hitchcock (who composed some others but this one is certainly not the least and I hope not the last), since this song is somewhat a contempory version of "Underwater Moonlight", since it did not get the success it would have deserved, since he released a version sung in Norwegian in his last album (and musically different), since I can't stop to listen to this song on and on for the last 2 days don't ask me why I don't know it myself, and since, at last, Norway is celebrating the awful massacre of the Utoya island, I thought it was a good idea to create this fake 7" so that this song had the spot on it once again. The text is rather obscure but who cares, the song is breathtaking and haunting as few others. Enjoy it here and buy the 2010 album of the same name (one of his best) and also Tromsø, Kaptein released last year. PS. The accoustic Norwegian version in the video below is not the one on this fake 7" and on the album.

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reservatory said...

I'm no Hitchcock expert, but this is very fine. Thanks for getting it out there.