Roy Wood - Indiana Rainbow / This Is The Thing 7" (1976)

When this single was released under the Roy Wood's Wizzard name, so that it was difficult to know if it was a new Wizzard or a new solo single, things were going bad for Roy Wood, and it was dubious that this single would change anything. Cos' honestly this is really bad (at least not my cuppa music). Not anymore under the Beach Boys influence, he suddenly seems to compose the soundtrack for the Loveboat TV series (La croisière s'amuse in French) and it could be worse. It was then included on the shelved Main Street album (here) but was surely the worst track on it. But if this single is still interesting, it's for the B-side, a 5'45 long instrumental called "This is the thing" and not easy to find except on the Mustard reissue. Actually on the Exotic Mixture double CD compilation of Wood's singles, it's ruined by scratches, the song being apparently ripped directly from vinyl. Strange. So here it is in a better although not perfect, quality. Enjoy it here.

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