Roy Wood - Looking Thru The Eyes Of A Fool / Strider 7" (1975)

In November 1975, nothing seemed to work for Roy Wood since neither the last Wizzard single ("Rattlesnake Roll") or this one would chart. After 8 years of presence in this temple of success (with the Move, ELO, Wizzard or in solo), this was surely a rude awakening for this one-man band. Sad cos' honestly this song had everything to be a hit, once again a pure Beach Boys-like tune with appropriate arrangements, but it seems the audience wanted something else (in November Bowie was in the charts with "Golden Years" and introduced the virus of soul and funk in british rock, it was over for the glam-like market and their idols). Sad too cos' the B-side instrumental ("Strider") is a good one this time. And it makes the interest of this single since the A-side was on Mustard, the album that would be released the next month (and that you can dl here). I did the cover sleeve myself (there has been none) and tried to imitate the look of cover sleeves of this era. Sorry, I mispelled the name of the song which is "Looking" and not "Look". Silly I am. Two late to change it. Enjoy this new Wood here (only on rs now since mf fired me).

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