Roy Wood's Wizzo Band - The Stroll/Jubilee 7" (1977)

We have jumped upon "Any Old Time Will Do", the A-side of a single with both sides from Mustard (the reason why I don't post it), and failing miserably in the charts although it was a wonderful song, and we find Roy Wood in the summer of 1977 (a punk one remember) trying to reinvent himself, having disbanded his Wizzard after the label refused to release Main Street, and trying to go on under another outfit name, Wizzo. This first shot (the album would be released 1 month later) was a single with both sides not featuring on the album, a nice gift for fans. Unfortunately, neither the style nor the period could allow such a single to be a hit. The style? A mix between Led Zeppelin and Stevie Wonder (yes, I assure, listen), and the usual horny arrangements borrowing to a lot of diverse and, sometimes difficult to reconcile, genres, from rockabilly to "Loveboat" thru Hawaian music. Not surprising that nobody did understand what was the fuck. Today, it's rather easier to appreciate since this strange collage has been tried by others and we are maybe more receptive to it. Not that it's my fave Wood period (but after all, I realize that I listen to this period quite often, maybe to be sure that I don't like it very much), but it deserves to be respected and not forgotten. I'm sure that at the time he was honestly thinking that he was innovative and contributed to the evolution of music. Not sure it was not evilution actually. Enjoy it here.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. The only thing I heard of the Wizzo Band was a BBC live recording on the radio - and I was not very impressed, it was rather chaotic and had no memorable songs. I never saw the album nor the single. Thanks to you I can hear it now - and I like it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting all the Roy Wood tracks. Whilst its true these aren't my fave Woody tracks, they are performed and arranged very well, and make for fascinating listening. I'm grateful for the opportunity to hear them and hope you dig up a few more! Stewart, Flagstaff AZ

KDNYfm said...

Hey DK, Just wanted to thank you again for theWoddy singles. Appreciate the covers too, especially the autographed ones! I assume these are your own?!? Just wondering if you have the Eddy and the Falcons album available!

dkelvin said...

No they are not mine. I took them from 45cat. Yes I have the vinyl version of Eddy & THe Falcons and will rip it and post soon.
Thx for the comment