Television Personalities - The Goodnight Mr Spaceman EP (1993)

One of the most dl post since the start of this blog. Don't know why. So now it's available again. Catch Mr Spaceman here if you can. And goodnight.

How can Dan Treacy write such a text of despair and mental misery such as "Goodnight Mr Spaceman" and sing it in such a poppy song? It's a complete mistery. Cos' really, the lyrics are really one of the most impressive summary of life (knowing Dan Treacy one) that have been written in Rock history. Crude, direct, without any word artifice, it says exactly what it means. Of course nobody understood it at the times (stupid journalists less than anybody else but they always miss what's good in music since the birth of this silly activity). It's not actually pure TVP and tried a little to surf on the current sound (Primal Scream, Suede, St Etienne and Denim are name-dropped in the song) but not enough to be popular or to be too difficult to listen to today.  Released in May 1993, 7 months after the great Closer To God unsuccessful double album, the song was extracted from it but not the 3 others on the EP (a single version was released with only "If I Was Your Girlfriend" on B-side. The other songs are less interesting. "She Loves It When He Sings Like Elvis" is no far to be unvoluntary parody and "The Lost in Space Mix" of the title track can be forgotten, it's really shitty (but I admit I don't like at all this style so I'm not a good judge). .

Well they gave me amytriptiline They fed me pseudochlorophine It helped me sleep But I felt so deep And most of the time I wanted to weep The days seemed black just like the night A big long tunnel without lights Where everything's dark then everything's bright Oh, the train's gone past my station Oh bloody hell I wish I'd signed to Creation Singing goodnight Jowe, goodnight Dan Goodnight Mr. Spaceman Well I think I'll die of a broken heart If my record doesn't make the indie charts I'll do anything I'll swallow my pride Commit artistic suicide And I dig St. Etienne, Denim and Suede And naturally I go to the occasional rave But when I was young it was Wizzard and Slade Oh, this record is sponsored by Pepsi I've taken three e's I still can't dance like Bobby Gillespie And maybe... Singing goodnight Jowe, goodnight Dan Goodnight Mr. Spaceman And I like to walk around the town With my trousers halfway down And I often feel like Edvard Munch If my analyst calls I'm out to lunch Singing goodnight Jowe, goodnight Dan Goodnight Mr. Spaceman

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