Television Personalities - She's Never Read My Poems EP (1992)

I re-post again cos' the link was not included in the previous one. It's done now. This one was forgotten in the series of official singles and EPs that I compiled then on the Decades fake album. So the omission is corrected. Catch it here.

Six months after The Strangely Beautiful EP this one opens 1992 in a strangely weird manner. The A-side and eponymous song is not far from taking its influence in the Happy Mondays (they were at the top of their unexplainable success) and it was quite a disappointment. The other songs are also suspended in the middle of nowhere with a not usual style (except the voice) for TVP. The last one (before a long version of the title track) is a plaintive accoustic ballad sung with a strange crooner voice... not really noteworthy. Lyrics are too quite low profile. Only an interlude in the TVP career but a weak TVP EP will always be more interesting than the best EPs from most of other bands. So enjoy it cos' it's not easy to find it now (when will Fire reissued all these EPs?).



The In Crowd said...

hmm, is it me, my browser - - or is the 'She's Never Read My Poems' EP missing a link? (click, no... click, nope) Thanks much for all the nifty TVP! :)

dkelvin said...

It's neither you or your browser but me. I'll fix it.
Thanks for the info

The In Crowd said...

wow, speedy service! thanks!