Television Personalities - The Strangely Beautiful EP (1991)

Eighth one. Most of them are on the Decade of singles Vol 1 I compiled previously (see here) but now you can get them separately with their visuals. And some were not on the compilation. Catch this one here.

Released in  the summer of 1991 between Privilege and Closer To God, the LPs they did for Fire record, an intensively creative period for Dan Treacy, here is the first of a series of EP/singles that won't be on albums and not even on compilations, so it's a good news to find them on the web. This Stangely Beautiful EP is in the vein of Privilege,  meaning a less lo-fi sound than previously and a more appropriate songwriting to be accepted by the indie world. "Reaching For The Stars" is particularly impressive and should have been the A-side in my view, with the Waterboys-something in its style. I don't know if these records have sold correctly but what's sure is that it was not enough to assure the financial security of Dan Treacy. Even if in this period, a mega-notorious band, Nirvana, and more precisely his leader, Kurt Cobain, said that Television Personalities was one of his fave band (actually I don't know when he said that so maybe it was later on). All in all, these 4 songs are classic Treacy ones, and even if he would reach other summits in Closer to God, a masterpiece, it's high quality, the Ray Davies of the 1980-2010 era. And strangely, lyrics are rather based on consolation and a positive view of life. It won't last unfortunately. And thanks to The Pessimist Club blog where I found these EPs (it seems the blog is closed). The sound quality is superb.

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