Television Personalities - We Will Be Your Gurus 7" (1992)

Fourth Television Personalities re-up for tonight. Catch it here.

Let's go on with the EP and single discography of Television Personalities during the Fire years. We are in June 1992, 4 months after the "She's Never Read My Poems" EP, and TVP release 3 new songs on this 7". Again, it's a rather half-surprise, half-deception. Surprise since the eponymous title is under the Indian influence, a sort of Dan Treacy meets Ravi Shankar (or less exotic, Georges Harrison), not usual in TVP repertoire. The song should have been a hit since it's rather catchy but it wasn't. The text is not really first degree and the end "If violence is your guru If money is your guru Let me be your guru" shows how sarcastic Dan Treacy is. Note that the song will feature on the double Closer To God LP in the same version, only longer, and therefore much more impressive. The 2 other companion songs are quite maisntream TVP compared to the A-side. And rather lightweight actually. The album (a masterpiece) will be much better than this 7" would suggest.

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