The Peels (featuring JFG) - The Peels EP (2004)

Time is passing, John and Emma Peel are only flying ghosts of our past, and this EP the sound companion of this unavoidable fate. JFG is still alive and well (actually he's never been more prolific) and you'll hear from him very soon. As a proof, you can check his new demos on Soundcloud here and other fantastic Peels stuff there. Meanwhile, catch this gem here if you missed it. As we miss these two great Peel.

This is the first of several posts in which I will revisit the long and rich song history of JFG (how do you dare to ask who is JFG? Just click here and listen to the gems I posted and come back afterwards). If you are Robyn Hitchcock or Dan Treacy fans, you can't be indifferent to JFG's talent. Actually, since 1994, JFG led several bands before recording under his own name. There were consecutively Summer Factory (until 2003), the High Cheekbones (between 2005 and 2008), and now the Irregulars. There were also some side-projects such as the Sexuals in 2007 or more recently Winter Of Love (album soon to be released I hope, cos' I listened to it and it's great). He has also published under his name in solo some stuff here and there. So, what about these Peels? Actually it's the band who will become the High Cheekbones (the last song on this EP is actually called "High Cheekbones" and was credited to the Peels on the compilation I got, but I hope it's not an error). Fake EP since these 3 songs were not released at the time and were released in various other versions later. But as a whole it's a nice lot. The name was an hommage to Emma and John, the reason I created (not with a lot of professionalism I admit, but who really care?) this cover sleeve. On the back, it's really a picture of the band at the time. Happy to have found one. Since I know more and more, curious to know why I'm so apologetic about this singer songwriter, finally share my passion, I hope they will find here and in the future posts, the pleasure to collect all these lost treasures all unavailable now.  Meanwhile, enjoy this first shot here (rs) or there (mf).

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