Melanie - My Beautiful People / God's Only Daughter 7" (1967)

Back to the basics: Melanie. And the basics of the basics: her first single under her name (the previous one was under the collective name of Mommy). Don't imagine you got this song on so much compilations you wonder why I waste time posting it. You don't. All versions of this song were the one recorded more than one year later and released as A-side of a single (Buddah 135) in September 1969. Much heavier orchestration than in this one. So here it is at last. On the other side (actually this single was without A and B-sides but had 2 A-sides with different covers), I included no less than 3 versions of "God's Only Daughter". Two are studio versions, different for sure, but I'm in the incapacity to know which one was on this single (that I don't own and didn't find any trace on the net). They are not very different, and I can't make my mind to whether was on the single. The most intriguing is that each seems to provide from the Please Love Me compilation LP released in 1973 and I do not know why there would be 2 different versions of this song in the same LP. Even the great Rober Ian Smith site here doesn't tell anything about these two versions. Or maybe it's the speed of the recording which gives this impression but I don't believe. So they are both in the file. The 3rd version is a live version by Melanie recorded at Greenwich Village in 1968. Enjoy this first Melanie shot (not yesterday I must admit) here. This post wouldn't have been possible without the help of Albgardis. She is deeply thanked.

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