Robyn Hitchcock - The Man Who Invented Himself / Dancing On God's Thumb 7" (1981)

Here we go again. And for this post-hollyshitday (I've been close to finish my life in strange conditions but I've survived so don't talk about it) I come back with a single I wanted to post for a long time now and that I am able to post today only cos' I received the CD source to put the B-side on. Actually, this is the first solo single from Robyn Hitchcock, released in April 1981, some months after he disbanded the Soft Boys, although members of this band all play on this single and his first solo LP (Black Snake Diamond Role that I expect to post one day the complete version of 20 songs). There's one mystery about "The Man Who Invented Himself". And the mystery is the following one: on the original vinyl single and LP, there was some horns on the song, but strangely, this horny version was replaced on all CD versions (3 reissued of Black Snake Diamond Role and several compilations) where this was a non-horns version that featured. What is the Fuck? Some say the master was lost but who cares? We want the real version of the original records, we are not kids anymore, we want the real thing. And since this version was released on the Chronolology compilation last year it's dubious that this damned master was lost. So now it's possible to post this single without doing an uncertain ripp of the vinyl single (that I bought the day it was issued). And the horns versions is much better than the one you can find everywhere. And it's strange that the B-side was not on the album since there were weaker songs on it. Enjoy it here and more joy to come.


fuzz said...

love this song, thanks!

MAKE ART said...

My savior! I gave away my vinyl copy years ago, and was bummed that the original "sax mix" never made it to subsequent releases. Sounds so empty without them, what were they thinking?