Television Personalities - The Far Away And Lost In Joy EP (1994)

The sixth one. Once again a must-listen for every Dan Treacy fan and for anyone who want to know what's emotional music is. Catch it here.

The year 1994 is the true beginning of the descent to hell for Dan Treacy. Of course Closer to God (in 1992) and previous EPs of 1993 were not really happy affairs, but here, contrary to what the title may infer, it's the bleakest delivery of songs ever done in Treacy life (at least until April 1994, the month this EP was issued) and maybe in history of rock. Such a honesty in describing his own situation with unsuccess, love lost and drug addict is not usual in music. And what is specially moving is that it is carried by 4 wonderful songs when some of previous EPs were a little self-indulgent and sometimes failed attempts to jump on someone else's train. Not here. It's bare to the bone. And these songs must be heard with the lyrics if you're not fluent English listeners (they are all here). Strangely, the first song of the EP is not the eponymous but "I Don't Want To Live This Life". A true torn and tormented moment. Released on a label called Vinyl Japan, it's not an easy one to find and I got it on here. Below, some pictures taken in 1994 in Edimburg. I took them from here.

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