Television Personalities - Not Like Everybody Else EP (1994)

And last for tonight. I think most of the 90's have been re-uped. Catch this last one here.

Although there was no album, the creative rate of Dan Treacy was not low between 1992 (Closer To God LP) and 1995 (I Was A Mod LP). You see that there were 3 EPs, and this one is the 4th but an unusual one cos' consisting in covers, and released not on "Fire Blaze" or "Overground" (the latter being the Treacy label) but on a German label called "Little Teddy". There will be others from this label in the further months and I we'll post them here (not that they are so difficult to find since they were reissued on CD in the compilation entitled Fashion Conscious). So, here a strange collection of covers. If we are not surprised to find the "I'm Not Like Everybody Else" from Ray Davies era Kinks, the 3 other songs are less natural (Joe Meek, Lee Hazelwood and Lennon) but in TVP hands (the band is now Dan Treacy, Jowe Head and Jeffrey Bloom), of course these songs become theirs. Iit's not totally true of "Whatever Gets You Through The Night" since I think this bad Elton John/John Lennon song will never fit in anybody's repertoire. Finally, this second-order EP is a little smiling light in this descent to hell that were these nineties years.

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MAX POWER said...

I'm so TVP fan, but didn't know this EP. Thanks again!