Wizzard - Introducing Eddy and the Falcons (1974)

Second re-up for this exercice-de-style that damaged I think the image that Roy Wood had installed with Wizzard and that he should have digged deeper rather than making this entity a kind of versatile hommage band. But that's the way he wanted it. Some good thing on it anyway. Catch it here

Here is the second album Roy Wood did with Wizzard. More than anything, it's an hommage, even a pastiche, of 50's rock 'n' roll (and in particular Duane Eddy, Del Shannon, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Gene Vincent, and of course Elvis but there's surely plenty more) Honestly this is far to be one of my fave Roy Wood work being rather allergic to this music style. Of course there's enough of Wood genius to make it sapid and songs like "Everyday I Wonder", with its Beach Boys flavor or of course the fantastic "This Is The Story Of My Love", released in single and a small hit (and totally out of place here), deserve to be heard and possessed. Of course too, those who have a certain Spectoresque idea of Wizzard can be surprised since here there's no more this wall of sound going everywhere with the Bonhamesque drumming. So you could ask me why I posted it. Because this LP has not been ever released in CD format (except in Japan it seems) and is now quite difficult to hear for those not possessing something to hear a vinyl cos' ever the MP3 format is not provided on main web sellers. And many have asked me, seeing my interest for Wood, to post it, so I do it. It must be noted that if this album falls a little short as a whole, it was conceived initially as only half of a double LP with what would become Mainstreet (posted here) as the second one (I would like Wood to confirm this but this is what is most frequently said in various sources). Note that the UK and US versions do not have the same colour of the tablecloth. Brown-orange in US, blue in UK (at least my US version of the LP is brown-orange). I chose the illustration on the basis of its quality. Enjoy this strangely weird LP.


KDNYfm said...

Thanx for the response to request!
I have been a fan of Roy since early Move and Roy is still on my 'bucket list' of artists I'd like to see live...dont know that I will ever get that chance, but listening to his music will keep me thinking positively!


Kentikki said...

Excellent album! The guy was a musical genius.

sawyer said...

Is it just me, did I miss seeing a link?
Or can I request yet another upload please?