John Cale - Sabotage/Live (1979)

A re-up of this incredibly overlooked album from John Cale recorded during a quite hard period on a psychological side but a fascinating one on the musical side. More in the text below. Catch it here. Asked by a visitor. You can ask too, it helps me to chose which stuff I re-up first.

Some visitor asked me to post this underrated live LP from John Cale. I was sure to have posted it when I was doing a series of posts about him (see there) but actually no. I forgot. It seems sometimes quite expensive to get and sure it deserves to be available more freely so here it is. When it was released, most (critics and even Cale's aficionados) considered it was a deceiving and even a bad album but retrospectively what a bad opinion that was. It's only that John Cale was no more the Island years one. Still more out of control and flirting with paranoia, self-destruction and madness, one of these periods artists sometimes cross and most often never survive too. He did. He's still here. And this LP is a proud legacy of his crazyness that stands the test of time. But most of these periods of eviscerations create great and enduring works and it's no exception here. The band is not totally relevant (if the guitar could be little bit discreet, not everyone is Chris Spedding) but Cale sings with such inner flame and "folie" that it's a stunning experience.  And most songs are great (but that's usually the case with this man). Lyrics are here.


Anonymous said...

many thanx for this,great blog.grretins from argentina

Anonymous said...

Can you reupload this one?

dkelvin said...

Do it tonight

Anonymous said...

Something of an uneven album, though it has always been a favorite - likely because of the "paranoia, self-destruction and madness" many of us were going through in those years. I haven't heard it in years. Many thanks.


Anonymous said...

I'd kill for a lossless rip of this gem. Any chance, my friend?