Melanie - Bo Bo's Party 7" (1969)

You know, it's not often I'm proud to be French (the last time it was in 1789, but I was not born), but with this single, the first Melanie released on the Buddah label (a division of MGM) after parting company with Columbia, it's the case. Why? Because issued as a B-side in the US (with "I'm Back In Town" on A-side), "Bo Bo's Party" was issued on the A-side in France and it became a hit, the first for Melanie, so that her first real international concert was at the Paris' Olympia. OK, it was a disaster cos'  she was planned before a French singer (Gilbert Becaud) and honestly the audience of this stomping pianist was not at all adapted to Melanie's intimate songs played alone of acoustic guitar (they even tried to make her play with the band but she refused). But the fact is we were the first (actually I was too young to be in it) to make of Melanie a front artist. And it was justice since "Bo Bo's Party" is a great song, one of Melanie's Top 20 for me. And the lyrics are far from the supposed "little folky hippie girl" everyone think she was. Strangely, the other side was not "I'm Back In Town", a song that has a true Thirties French Café Concert flavour, but Dylan's "Mr Tambourine Man" cover, putting her a little bit more in the folk category. I never liked this song but if there's a version I like of it, it's this one. Delicate and modest, I can even appreciate the song. So, for my birthday (yes today I make a giant step toward the grave in changing my age year) I offer me this post, the only party I'll do tonight. Hope you'll find it a delicious birthday earcake too. Enjoy it here.

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Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika said...

Looks like I haven't been here for quite a while! Sorry I missed your birthday, I was so busy traveling, hope you had a nice one and don't feel too bad getting older.

I love this post, as I hadn't seen these pictures before. Really cool!