Melanie - Garden In The City / Why Didn't My Mother Tell Me 7" (1968)

Here is the second attempt of Columbia to make Melanie one of the stars of the 1968 folk sky. A failed attempt but it's true that the songs do not help to give a great musical credit to the young Melanie. Orchestrations are rather high-sweetened and melodies more nursery than adult-center influenced. Only the B-side (even it again it's a 2 A-side single) gives a different light on her writing with lyrics in which adolescent fears and even anguish are palpable. As a gift (once again through my generous donator called Albgardis, she must be thanked again) I added a much longer version (and apparently earlier than the Columbia single one) of "Why Didn't My Mother Tell Me". Sound quality is not perfect but the version much better and the emotion much stronger. If only they put this one on the single, sure people would have perceived Melanie differently. But her time would come. Meanwhile enjoy this rather rare tryptic here. Sorry for the cover sleeve, I don't have the single so I did the same than for the previous one in order to have a larger image. Below a picture of Melanie in 1968.

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Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika said...

Great what you did, I love the Melanie singles you are releasing this way!!! The whole package! Thanks!