Television Personalities - Do You Think If You Were Beautiful You'd Be Happy? EP (1995)

The ninth TVP re-up. No I don't think that if I was beautiful I'd be happy. It can help anyway. Catch it here.

Yes, you will say I'm blinded by my love for Dan Treacy to consider this EP is again a great one, but I give a shit. Recorded at the London Toe Rag studios, as much TVP sessions during this decade, it was released by Vinyl Japan, the japanese-owned London-based label that released a lot of fine stuff in the nineties, one year after the superb Far Away And Lost In Joy EP (here). The atmosphere is bleaker and bleaker, the bitterness has never been highest in Dan's spirit, and he begins to claim his hate for those who mock him. It's true that many had lost any interest in TVP during this period of high creativity (remember, noise, doom and rap were in their formative years and each month there was a novative way to play them, and there were some new pop sensations too in GB). The lo-fi depressive songs the band played certainly wouldn't fit with the rage, heavyness and energy galore. But, which of these so-novative records can provide such an emotion than this EP today? Not much actually. Although 1995 seemed one more year toward hell for Dan Treacy, it will give him the chance to give a follow-up to Closer to God some months later. The picture on the sleeve is a portrait of painter Sexton Ming, maybe the painter Dan Treacy talks about in "He Used To Paint In Colour" but I'm not really sure. Everything on this EP here. Lyrics of all TVP songs there.


The In Crowd said...

hello again - - Your Mega link for 'Do You Think If You Were Beautiful You'd Be Happy?' keeps bringing up a "file no longer available" message. Any chance of a new/repaired link? Thanks again :)

dkelvin said...

That's fixed. Don't know why it was not working