Television Personalities - Now That I'm A Junkie / How Does It Feel To Be Loved? 7" (1996)

A third re-up. And one of the best. Catch it here.

Yes I know I become a little boring with my Dan Treacy fixation and fan-attitude (at my age it's a quite pathetic) but once again this 1996 single is a gem, a fucking depressing one, marked to the blood by the sincerity of his author (the title tells it all). If musically and melodically it was not good who would really care. But both songs are classics and it's difficult to imagine in hearing them that Dan Treacy was so low and out of himself (but was he? I was not there to attest this supposition). The sound here has something of a church one, echoes, giving the atmosphere a mystic one. Musically, there's a "Let's Spend The Night Together recorded by Phil Spector" impression on "How Does It Feel To Be Loved" whereas on "Now That I'm A Junkie" it's more "Syd Barrett has rented John Bonham to do the drumming". I seem to be joking but all this is not really fun. Sure people had better to do in 1997 than listening to this naive, childish depressive stuff, but today not much of music of this time can be listened to with the same emotion. Released by the Little Teddy label, this single was preceded by a split single, a reissue and a live one. But I prefer to post in their sequential issue, the true own studio singles and EPs of the band. Enjoy this one here.


slovenlyeric said...

I liked this stuff a lot. Not sure what I have and oon't have as there were some compilations of the singles, but I don't know if the Little Teddy stuff was part of that. Anyway, thank you for all the effort to remind people like me how good this is.

dkelvin said...

Yeh, all the Little Teddy songs are on the Fashion Conscious compilation. But to listen to them in their chronological and original record context provides an emotional supplement I think. Thx for the comment. And long live Dan Treacy. Not a day I don't think about him.

Andreas Tangen said...

Hi.Dan was actually living in a converted church when this was recorded,so maybe you're onto something.Im ashamed to admit that by the time I actually got round to playing my copy we hadn't spoken in five years,cos its really,really good and I would've said so.As it was I just fumed that Little Teddy had added an exclamation mark to the title,as if there was irony or levity implied.I insisted we erase it from all 1000 copies.Dan managed about 20 and got bored.I did maybe a hundred.It wasnt his finest period,but I wasn't the finest friend,and now he's there and Im here and thats something else royally fucked.