Television Personalities - Time Goes Slowly When You're Drowning / Meanwhile In A Luxury Dockland Home 7" (1995)

Seventh re-up for tonight. Catch it here.

Second recording for the German label Little Teddy, one year after the Not Like Everybody Else EP, it is not an EP but a single, and does not consist in covers but in 2 originals. Yes, I know my point of view (listen?) is not objective, but once again I think this is a great single. Here, Dan Treacy is not so much in an introspective mood (contrary to what may suggest the title of the A-side), and succeeds in recreating the Television Personalities of the 1984-86 era. On "Time Goes Slowly When You're Drowning", the music seems to float between floor and space and takes us with "her" over more than 6 min. On " Meanwhile In A Luxury Dockland Home", Dan Treacy uses for one of the first time in his life (maybe the first but don't write insulting comments, I'm not sure), the Bo Diddley riff, but in a psychedelic pop context. In other word, this boy, even in the terrible state of mind he was in this terrible years, was still one of the most creative of the nineties. Too bad I had my head (and ears) elsewhere. Now I find I was a real dumb asshole.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, but it seems one track is missing.

dkelvin said...

Oh sorry. It's fixed. Thx for the info.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for sharing all this tvp material!! I love them! I'm mad about them!! Cheers from Madrid