Dr John - Gris-Gris II (1995-2010)

One of my last year best moment was the concert that Dr John and his Lower 911 not forgetting the fabulous Sarah Morrow, gave to the Sète's audience last July. A really magical moment I'll (we'll) never forget. So, 6 months later, under a winter chilling rain of melted snow, and with numerous health problems, I would like to think that listening to the voodoo songs of the Doctor will chase the demons from our bodies and bring back joy and happiness. I'm proud of this compilation that I always keep with me on my smartphone and regularly play when I need to wash my head of all the filth of triviality. Let yourself hypnotised here. Dedicated to the one who will recognise herself if she reads this post.

That's a project I had for several months: gather on the same record (virtual one) all the songs Dr John wrote and sung over the last 15 years (at least since he returned on a more regular basis in studio) in the Gris-Gris vein, that means music in which floats this special voodoo ambiance he was one of the rare in history to bring to rock music. Shame that he never done once again a complete Gris-Gris LP such as his first one. Anutha Zone, released in 1998 and recorded in London, one of his best in the last 15 years (thanks to John Leckie and his great production work) is the closest to this style but in almost each one (except the hommage albums and cover ones) there was at least a track belonging to this genre. There are the nine tracks I found (I don't think I forgot anyone but if I did, please tell me). Listening to them in a row, just as it was a real album, makes honestly of this compilation the best record he ever did (except for Gris-Gris the first of course). I know I'm not allowed to do that but I hope I'll be spared by the ferocious watchdogs of the net. There are quite pitiless these days. Of course I did the cover. Not gorgeous but correct I think.


cpop said...

Great idea. Thanks for the work. A fan from France.


cpop said...

And by the way nice covers i find.


dkelvin said...

Thx. But I'm from France too (je suis de France aussi :-)

Dr. Fu Man Chu said...

A great idea and even greater executed. I think you've created my second favorite Dr.John record. ;-) Thanks for this!