Kim Fowley - Snake Document Mascarade (1979)

Second re-up. Not one of his best but a rare one so important to feature here. Actually here.

One year after the excellent Sunset Boulevard (here), Kim Fowley releases this rather weak album (with a very clever cover sleeve allowing a porno image to be shown on the front side of an album), much more in the mood of the times than he used to be previously. That means that it's full of cheap synth and easy melodies with rudimentary beat. There are some interesting songs, when he becomes more experimental, but over all, it's quite difficult to hear it for pleasure today. Not to be attributed to an adventurous collaboration cos' most of the tracks and the arrangements are credited to him. So let's say it was his present state of mind. The next one would be the great Son of Frankenstein. It's also on this blog (there). Of course, this Snake Document Mascarade has never been released on CD.

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can you reupload this