Melanie - Oh Boy / Brand New Key 7" (1978)

Between 1978 and 1982, Melanie tried to reach some kind of success using covers of others' songs. There were "Knock On Wood", there will be "Detroit or Buffalo" and here was the classic Buddy Holly "Oh Boy". Honestly, I never found she succeeded in covering rocky songs when she triumphs in making hers ballads or sad songs. Here it's a rocker, and even if she sings it really well and with guts, behind, the band is too mainstream to make it a total success. But the interest of this single is the B-side. At least the US single (elsewhere it will be backed with one song from Phonogenic, "Running after Love"). A re-worked version of her biggest hit "Brand New Key". First you must know that in 1972, she initially wanted to record the song as a sort of Louisiana cajun one and was greatly disappointed to realize that Peter Schekeryk had done of it a much poppy song. So, here, it's not a version to fit in the 1978-mood (or sound, not a good period for sound actually) but the version she had initially in head. And it's true that it's totally different. Much better in a way, but the song has became such a classic, that it's difficult not to love the version that was a hit. It's interesting to post this lost treasure when Melanie re-worked it recently with her son in the (I fear utopist) hope that when this song will be used for ads (recently for HP) or in movies, she will win at least some money from it, since she has apparently no right on the hit version. So here I add another brand new piece to this puzzle. Sorry for the sound quality. It's a rip from my vinyl and the one I found is rather noisy and scratchy. I did my best to improve things but couldn't do miracles. Totally unbelievable not any of the hundreds of Melanie compilations included any one of these songs. The web allows to share them with Melanie's amateurs. Enjoy it here. There was no picture sleeve for this US single so I did one.

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Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika said...

I am so happy to finally have a nice cover for this single!

I have that weird US pressing, too, and when I showed it to Melanie in April this year, she couldn't believe it. She had never seen it herself before. She said it was a very obscure release.

So if you have that single, keep it, it is really rare. Great cover!