Television Personalities - The Prettiest Girl In The World 7" EP (1987/1994)

Last for tonight. Catch it here.

Now, I'm gonna post some missing records of the 1989-1999 era. This one, released in November 1994 on the Dan Treacy label Overground, compiles 4 songs recorded in 1987 and finally should have been released 7 years earlier. Instead it was only a single, said to be released in Germany only (but I found one in France and bought it), and featuring "The Prettiest Girl In The World" (should have been a hit) and "If That's What Love Is" (a wonderful song) on the B-side. "Apples and Oranges" (who can be more legitimous to cover a Syd Barrett song than Dan Treacy and who could do it better than him? Nobody of course) had been issued on a Tribute to Syd Barrett LP, and "Miracles Take Longer" (the weakest of the whole) on an album for the National Campaign For The Homeless. So it was an opportunity to gather on a single record these 4 songs and offer to UK fans an affordable EP. Wrapped in a splendid cover sleeve, it was, and still is, a perfect pop object.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all TV Personalities stuff in here, back to 90's ! mz

dkelvin said...

Dan Treacy deserves it. More to come.

angel said...

hi there

starting to get into TVP, after some compilations i heard time ago

i'd like to get to hear this one, could u do a re-up, please?

thank you for all this stuff


GeorgCracked said...

Thanks - I am starting a small Dean Tracy obession. I can feel it.