Television Personalities - Seasons in the Sun EP (1997)

Another series of Television Personalities re-ups. Of less known material, released here and there for diverse destinies. Of course when I re-post Dan Treacy's songs, it's always a sign I drown in them once again (about once every 2 year I think) and that I'm psychically not to my top form. But that's not your problem and you're right. Catch this here and below some details about it.

Sometimes said to be released in 1996, other times in 1997, I can't say since I had no more interest in the band during the nineties. It's a shame I know but I won't lie. Actually, no matter since all these covers and several releases during the end of the nineties were in fact sessions recorded between 1994 and 1995, a much more prolific and creative one for Dan Treacy. Maybe it was to capitalize on the band using these old songs or keeping the name alive I don't know, but it's sure this one is not an immortal one. Based on the cover of the Brel adaptation of "Le Moribond" by "our" Jacques Brel with edulcolorated lyrics by American singer-poet Rod McKuen (and later a worldwide hit in 1974 for Terry Jack with still more edulcolorated lyrics), it is not a good vehicle for the singular Treacy sensibility. The musical atmosphere is quite cosmic and psychedelic but nothing to make any impact in 1996 (or 97). Then there's "Bike" from Syd Barrett, more appropriate but not a must. The best cover is without a doubt the Raincoats one. Since I want to be more or less exhaustive, I add this one to the series but it's true Treacy fans always prefer listen to his own compositions than to covers. PS. I created the cover sleeve since it was a picture disc.

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