Television Personalities - A Sense Of Belonging / Baby's Turning Blue 7" (reissue 1994)

The 1994 reissue with an unissued B-side. Catch it here.

The reason this single was reissued on the Dan Treacy label in January 1994 (10 months before the reissue of "Prettiest Girl In The World") is not clear since "A Sense of Belonging" had been released in UK on Rough Trade (in 1983, and on FS there) and not only in Germany as "Prettiest Girl". It's true it's one of Treacy's masterpiece, although the title and cover sleeves (of the first single and of this reissue) are misleading, the song being not about battered or abused children but against war (with a desillusioned and bitter opinion about the fact to manifest). This reissued single deserves to be posted because the B-side is different from the first version, with an acoustic demo recorded in 1987. Not a gem but anything by Dan Treacy is of interest for some of us.

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